32 Best Upcoming Movies on 7 June 2024 List: See the names of all the movies here

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Upcoming Movies on 7 June 2024 that are going to rock Indian cinemas. New movies in different languages ​​​​are going to be released in theaters on 7 June in different regions of India. We have given you a list of which in this post, you can go to the cinema to watch those movies, according to your language and region and book tickets on BookMyShow.

Every day a new movie, web series and serial is released in India. In such a situation, today we will discuss all the films to be released on June 7. Today in this post, we have given the list of all the films that will be released across India on June 7, 2024. If you are planning with your friends on June 7 to go to a movie theater and watch a new movie, then with the help of this post you will be able to get information about the movie to be released on June 7 and will be able to decide which movie you want to watch.

Upcoming Movies on 7 June 2024 List

List of movies releasing in India on 6 June and 7 June 2024

No.Movies NameLanguageCategory Release Date
1Bad Boys: Ride or DieEnglish, Tamil, Telugu & HindiAction, Adventure, Comedy6 Jun, 2024
2SatyabhamaTeluguHindi, Marathi7 Jun, 2024
3MalharComedy, Drama, RomanticDrama7 Jun, 2024
4ManameyTeluguMystery, Thriller7 Jun, 2024
5GolamMalayalamDrama, Romantic7 Jun, 2024
6Love MouliTeluguAction, Drama, Romantic7 Jun, 2024
7Allahr VresPunjabiAction, Drama, Romantic7 Jun, 2024
8SaharaKannadaDrama, Sports7 Jun, 2024
9Boomerang (2024)BengaliComedy, Sci-Fi7 Jun, 2024
10PreminchodduTeluguDrama7 Jun, 2024
11Rang De Basanti (2024)BhojpuriComedy, Romantic7 Jun, 2024
12Little HeartsMalayalamComedy, Romantic7 Jun, 2024
13Hamare BaarahHindiDrama7 Jun, 2024
14CchuppGujaratiDrama, Mystery, Suspense7 Jun, 2024
15MayammaMalayalamDrama, Romantic7 Jun, 2024
16AjogyoBengaliDrama7 Jun, 2024
17Sree MuthappanMalayalamDrama, Family7 Jun, 2024
18Chhota Bheem and the Curse of DamyaanTamil, TeluguAction, Adventure, Family, Fantasy7 Jun, 2024
19AnarthaKannadaAction, Suspense, Thriller7 Jun, 2024
20SwargarathAssameseComedy, Drama7 Jun, 2024
21HaraaTamilAction, Drama7 Jun, 2024
22RakshanaTeluguAction, Drama7 Jun, 2024
23NamoTeluguDrama7 Jun, 2024
24Young ManKannadaDrama, Thriller7 Jun, 2024
25PhooliHindiDrama7 Jun, 2024
26ShatabishaKannadaAction, Drama7 Jun, 2024
27OCTeluguAction, Drama7 Jun, 2024
28Gold No 1TeluguAction, Adventure, Thriller7 Jun, 2024
29Aalor DishaBengaliDrama7 Jun, 2024
30MunjyaHindiHorror7 Jun, 2024
31Ni Main Sass Kuttni 2PunjabiDrama7 Jun, 2024
32Rode CollegePunjabiDrama, Political7 Jun, 2024
33Bajrang Aur AliHindiDrama7 Jun, 2024
List of movies releasing in India on 6 June and 7 June 2024
32 Upcoming Movies on 7 June 2024 List

In Hindi Upcoming Movies on 7 June 2024

On June 7, 2024, 5 Hindi films are going to be released which you must watch once if you are a Hindi film lover. Bad Boys: Ride or Die, Hamare Baarah, Phooli, Munjya and Bajrang Aur Ali, all these films will be available for you to watch in all the cinemas of India on June 7. You can go to watch the film with relatives, friends and family. You can book the tickets of this film through the official website or application of BookMyShow.

According to Bollypink, this is the top movie that you can watch with your friends, family and relatives if you want.

Satyabhama: If you like watching Telugu industry films more, then in this case you can watch Satyabhama film. This film has been presented by Kajal Aggarwal, the most special actor in the Telugu industry. In this film, you will get to see Kajal Aggarwal and Naveen Chandra together. Satyabhama, a Telugu film releasing on 7 June 2024, which you can watch with your friends, family and relatives.

Rang De Basanti (2024): This film has been presented by Bhojpuri superstar Khesari Lal Yadav. This film has been made based on patriotism and Hindutva, in which Khesari Lal Yadav gets to see a double role in this film. In which one of his faces is in the Indian Army to protect Hinduism and the other face is to protect the country. For people interested in Bhojpuri films, this film can be a means of entertainment on 7 June.

Upcoming Movies on 7 June 2024

Cchupp: Cchupp is a blockbuster movie for Gujarati audiences which is completely based on drama and mystery. For the people of Gujarat, this can prove to be a good movie in the Gujarati language on 7 June. This film will be presented by actors Hiten Kumar and Morli Patel in theaters on 7 June.

Munjya: This week on 7 June, a very dangerous horror film named Munjya is going to be released. You will get to watch this film in the Hindi language. The story of this film is a bit comedian and horror. In this, you will get to see actors Abhay Verma, Mona Singh, Sathyaraj and Sharvari Wagh. If you are fond of watching horror films, then this film releasing on 7 June is a good choice for you.


If after reading this post you are not able to decide which film you should watch with your friends, relatives and family. So these four films are being told to you by Bollypink, which you can watch if you want. All these films will be released in theatres across India on Upcoming Movies on 7 June 2024. Stay connected with us for more such entertainment and film-related posts.

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