Ankur Warikoo 12th mark sheet: why did he post his class 12th mark sheet on social media

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Ankur Warikoo 12th mark sheet

Who is Ankur Warikoo and why did he post his class 12th marksheet on social media? Ankur Warikoo 12th mark sheet On May 23, posted him on social media and he also said some things. But before going about this post, once we know that Ankur is he, after that we will also know why Ankur Warikoo posted his mark sheet on social media.

Ankur Warikoo pic
Ankur Warikoo pic

Ankur Warikoo is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in India. He was born in Delhi. Ankur Warikoo has formed many companies till now and has also maintained his own personal branding on social media. Ankur Warikoo has more than 8 million followers on social media YouTube and Instagram together. He has created his own personal branding on social media by creating various types of content related to educational and business investment.

Ankur Warikoo’s education

Ankur Warikoo studied his science PhD program at the Indian School of Business. He had passed out from the Indian School of Business in the year 2006. After leaving college he says it was “the best year of my life” where he gained knowledge of business and entrepreneurship.

Ankur Warikoo’s family

Ankur Warikoo’s wife’s name is Ruchi and he also has two children named Vidur and Uzma. In which one is around 12 years old and the other is above 6 years old. When Ankur Warikoo was studying in the USA, there was a distance of about two years between his wife.

Ankur Warikoo’s company

The founder of Nearbuy India Private Limited company is Ankur Warikoo. This company provides services like designing and developing software solutions. The name of his second company is which helps people get second life partners. Both these companies were started by Ankur Warikoo along with his friends.

Ankur Warikoo’s net worth

Ankur Warikoo has many income sources with the help of which he has created a multi-million dollar network. He earns crores from social media and also has many businesses through which he earns millions of dollars a year. According to the data of 2022, Ankur Warikoo had made an income of $3.30 million from his company in just 3 years.

Ankur Warikoo
Ankur Warikoo

Book written by Ankur Warikoo

Ankur Warikoo wrote his first book in the new year 2021, named “Do Epic Shit”, he wrote the second book in the year 2022, which is named “Get Epic Shit Done” and he wrote the third book “Make Epic Money” in 2024. Ankur Warikoo is a good content creator, he is also a good businessman, book writer, and investor.

Ankur Warikoo 12th mark sheet

Ankur Warikoo 12th mark sheet on Instagram on 23rd May. In which he also writes and shares many things. Which you can read below.

Ankur Warikoo 12th mark sheet
Ankur Warikoo 12th mark sheet

Message written by Ankur Warikoo:

“The Class 12th CBSE Board results were announced recently.
Every year, this time around, I recall my 12th Class mark sheet.

The funny thing is; I was really good at Maths and Physics.
And I didn’t score as much as I thought I would.

I was one of the school toppers in English.
And scored one of the lowest in school.

Chemistry was my weakest subject and I scored the highest.

I laugh at these scores today.
Actually, I laughed at how I reacted that day.

I was sad and mad.

I remember reaching home and telling my parents, “Let’s leave India – nothing is left in this country.”
Classic teenager behavior, haha!

Today, I realize that those marks didn’t mean much.

They symbolized what happened in that 3-hour period and how the evaluator saw my answers compared to the script they had.

The marks weren’t a measure of my understanding.
They were a measure of how well I followed the checklist.

So for those who scored high – don’t fly high.
Don’t think you have arrived.
You haven’t. Not as yet.

The true measure of your success will be your consistency.
Not your starting speed.

Life is a marathon.
Not a sprint.

And for those who scored below their expectations – don’t feel rejected.
This is not the end.

You will go on to do wonderful things in life, ONLY if you believe that you are worthy of them.

We accept the life we think we deserve.

Those marks, those interviews, those appraisals, those increments.
They don’t define you.
You define you!”

Ankur Warikoo writes this entire message when he uploads his marksheet on Instagram. Many of his followers also commented on many things in the comments, which you can read below.

vanen_gaming: Yes, mostly in chemistry.

prithviraj_ghose: Beautifully written the words of many hearts ❤️

People have made many other comments on his post, you can go and read it on his Instagram and also see his mark sheet and what is your opinion about this post and what do you think, you can tell us in the comment.

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