What did Wasim Akram say about the CSK vs RCB match?

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Wasim Akram has made a big statement related to the RCB vs CSK match. On May 18, in the match played between Chennai Super Kings and Royal Challengers Bangalore, RCB defeated the Chennai team badly and qualified for the semi-finals. Meanwhile, a statement from former Pakistan cricketer Wasim Akram has come related to this match. His statement has gone viral on social media and he has also made many comments about Virat Kohli and Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Let us know what Wasim Akram said about the Chennai Super Kings vs Roll Challengers Bangalore match.

Wasim Akram said a big thing about CSK vs RCB match

Wasim Akram said about the CSK vs RCB

Sportskeeda In one of your interviews, Wasim Akram said about the CSK vs RCB, “This is a very wonderful match between RCB and Chennai Super Kings.” He further said that how RCB did not give up even after losing the match and had a chance of 1% They converted 100% and proved that they are a strong team in the IPL. Wasim Akram says that whenever any match is remembered in the history of IPL, this match between RCB and CSK will definitely be remembered in history. He further said that God helps only those who are always ready to help themselves.

Wasim Akram spoke about RCB fans

He Wasim says, “I have seen many clips on social media in which their RCB fans are very happy and celebrating this victory. For the last many years, RCB fans have been with the RCB team whether they win or lose. After this, no other team has the address in cricket.” Wasim Akram also says about the confidence of the RCB team, “The entire team will be in full control of its confidence because they know that this match is not over yet, they still have to move ahead. At the same time, he also said that he has seen his bad times and that is why he will keep his emotions under control.

Wasim Akram say about Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni

What did Wasim Akram say on Dhoni and Virat?

When he is asked the question who is your favorite player between Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni. On this Wasim Akram said about the CSK vs RCB comes that “Both are top players, MS Dhoni has won many World Cups and he has also won many IPL trophies for Chennai.” Further, he remains about Virat Kohli “Virat Kohli is a great player and he has been playing for RCB continuously for the last many years and has won many matches for India at the international level too.” In such a situation, it is said that both are good players and MS Dhoni may now retire from IPL but his Yellow Army wants him to play one more season.

Said about the India-Pakistan match

Regarding the India-Pakistan match, Wasim Akram says, “The India-Pakistan match is going to start very soon. Virat Kohli is looking in good form and I want him to please a little. What he means is this. It happens that Virat Kohli plays a little slow” Whenever there is a match between India vs Pakistan, all the records of viewership are broken and it is a very tough match. In such a situation, Wasim Akram says that Virat Kohli should not hit so much in the India-Pakistan match. He says that Virat Kohli is a run machine and he is also a good person.

Wasim Akram also says about Yash Dayal “Last year he hit five sixes in front of Rinku Singh but this time he took his team to the semi-finals with a good comeback and also showed a good bowling performance.” That “If you work hard, God has something in mind for you” Positive story Yash Many Dayal made in this match and once again showed his years of hard work in front of the people on the field. Being a young cricketer, he learned so quickly and good days will definitely come for him one day, said Wasim Akram.

Maxwell is an Australian player. About him, Wasim Akram and the anchor of Sportskeeda media both say that “Big Maxwell is a big match player and we also fear him in the World Cup.” Wasim Akram is a Pakistani cricketer and they fear that Maxwell Might go to the World Cup. Wasim Akram says that all these players are players who play in big matches and the last two or three matches that RCB has played have been big matches of IPL. He says that the big players come to big matches and how they win the match by giving their whole life for their team.

Wasim Akram say about RCB

Wasim Akram’s favorite IPL team

Wasim Akram’s favorite IPL team has become RCB in 2024. Wasim Akram said about the CSK vs RCB that I have changed my favorite IPL team this year and from this year my favorite IPL team is RCB. He says that the hard work of RCB and Yash Dayal made it possible for RCB to qualify for the semi-finals this year. Wasim Akram also discusses about his teammate S Dhoni. He says “MS Dhoni does not play for a six but he has given a new identity to the Indian team in his time and has won many IPL trophies and World Cups. He plays on the ground with a good finisher and a positive mindset and he also knows how to lead his team well, this is his specialty. This is what Wasim Akram says about S Dhoni.

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