IPL 2024 Player Ranking: These 10 players scored the most runs in IPL 2024

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Friends, today we will talk about the top ten batsmen of Tata IPL. Who is still on top in the 2024 IPL T20 match? And who has scored the most runs? We will discuss those players and know how their performance is in this IPL of 2024 and whether they will be able to play for the Indian team in the future or not. Let us start discussing this and we will share each and every information with you, so please read this post completely.

IPL 2024 Player Ranking

IPL 2024 Player Ranking

There are the 10 most dangerous batsmen in the IPL 2024 players ranking who are in the top 10 list. He has played only a few matches so far but has scored the most runs. Among these, whichever batsman is at number one gets the Orange Cap as per BCCI rules. Last year Shubman Gill received the Orange Cap award for being among the top players of IPL. This year too, there are some players who remain at the top and at the end of IPL, they too will definitely get a trophy of Orange Cap.

1st Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli is batting best in Tata IPL 2024 and he has consistently maintained his run average of more than 65 in just 11 matches and so far he has scored a total of 542 runs in the last 11 matches. Virat Kohli is currently at number one in this batting ranking. Who has consistently performed well for the team? In the same year of Tata IPL, Virat Kohli also had a century, which was a brilliant 113 runs. Till now Virat Kohli has kept his strike rate very good and at present he has a strike rate of 148. Virat Kohli has scored four fifty centuries in this IPL of 2024.

2nd Rituraj Gaikwad

Ruturaj Gaikwad is the newest and youngest captain of Chennai Super Kings. He started his first captaincy this year for Chennai and currently, he is in the second position to get the Orange Cap, Virat Kohli is in the first position. Has maintained an average run rate of more than 63 in the last 10 matches and has scored 509 runs in total in Tata IPL 2024. This year we also got to see a century from the bat of Rituraj Gaikwad. He played a brilliant century innings of 108 runs this year. His strike rate is also more than 146.

3rd Sai Sudarshan

Sari Sudarshan, a player coming from the weakest team of Gujarat Titans, has placed her name at the third position as the highest run scorer in Tata IPL 2024. He has scored 424 runs in the last 11 matches at an average of 42 and his best party has been 84 runs, which is the highest this year. His strike rate has also been good. With a strike rate of 131, he is currently at number three in the Orange Cup rankings.

4th Riyan Parag

The most brilliant batsman of Rajasthan Royals who plays as a finisher is Riyan Parag. Parag has scored 409 runs in the last 10 matches with an average of 58 runs so far in the IPL this year. And he comes at number four position in this competition. This year his strike rate is 159. He has played many big matches so far this year but his highest run has been 84 in Tata IPL 2024. Many Parags got many big opportunities this year and they also proved themselves.

5th KL Rahul

The fifth position in this ranking is of Lucknow Super Giants captain KL Rahul. He is constantly trying to bat well for his team and he has done so. In the last 10 matches, he has so far maintained his position at number five by scoring 406 runs at an average of 40 runs this year. But this year he could not get a place in the World Cup. But he is continuously giving good performance for his franchise and his highest strike rate this year is 82 runs at a strike rate of 142. Apart from being a good batsman, Rahul is also a good wicketkeeper.

6th Rishabh Pant

Rishabh Pant is a good batsman and also a good wicketkeeper. He has been seen batting well for his Delhi Capitals team this year and currently comes at number 6 in the Orange Cap rankings. This Delhi Capitals batsman has so far played the highest innings of 88 runs at a strike rate of 158. Rishabh Pant was slightly injured in a small accident last year but he again made his recovery this year and came back for his team and tried to give them a boost and now he is in good health.

7th Phil Salt

Phil Salt was bought by Delhi Capitals for two crores and he is a foreign player, he has also shown good performance in Tata IPL 2024. He is currently at number seven in the Orange Cap rankings. He has played a total of 10 matches this year and has scored 397 runs. His highest run is 89 and his strike rate is more than 180.

8th Travis Head

The player who has shown the most lethal and powerful batting in Tata IPL 2024 is Travis Head. He plays for Sunrisers Hyderabad and has batted very lethally against all the teams this year. But he is behind in the ranking of Orange Cap. He has played a total of 9 matches this year for Hyderabad in which he has scored 396 runs and also played a century in which he scored 102 runs. His strike rate this year is more than 194.

9th Sanju Samson

Sanju is one of the successful captains, he has played for Rajasthan Royals for a long time and he is currently the captain of Rajasthan Royals who has kept the entire team at number one position in the points table. He did not score the highest run in Tata IPL 2024 but comes in the ranking at number 9 for the Orange Cup. If they continue to perform well then they may get a chance to reach number one. He has scored the highest run of 82 at an average of 64 and a strike rate of 159.

10th Sunil Narine

Sunil Narayan has been playing for Kolkata Knight Riders for a long time and he was a bowler earlier but later he gradually became an all-rounder and now he bats at the second or first position. He has maintained his ranking at number 10 in the Tata IPL for the Orange Cup and has played 10 matches this year and has scored 380 runs in the last 10 matches for Kolkata Knight Riders. He played a century innings this year which was 109 runs and this has been his highest. Sunil, who plays with a strike rate of 179, is making waves for Kolkata Knight Riders.

IPL 2024 Player Ranking

Friends, we have told you the names of the top IPL 2024 players ranking who are among the top 10 highest run scorers in the current Tata IPL. For similar cricket-related information, you can stay connected with us, here we continuously tell the news like cricket. This ranking may also get clouded in the coming time because Tata IPL is not over yet, so as the matches continue and players keep scoring runs, we may definitely get to see up and down in the points table.

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