Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Rajasthan Royals: These two batsmen of Hyderabad scored 70 runs in just 32 balls against Rajasthan Royals.

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Sunrisers Hyderabad made a huge challenge for Rajasthan Royals today by batting first against Rajasthan Royals. The Hyderabad team has created a huge challenge for Rajasthan Royals by scoring 201 runs. This team batted brilliantly and broke the back of Rajasthan Royals’ bowlers. Only three wickets fell for Sunrisers Hyderabad and they scored 201 runs in 20 overs. If it is Tata then it is the 50th match of IPL 2024 which took place between Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Rajasthan Royals. This match has been played at the home ground of Hyderabad.

Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Rajasthan Royals

Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Rajasthan Royals

50th match of Tata IPL 2024 in which the bowlers of Rajasthan Royals had to bow before the batting of Hyderabad. The batsmen of Hyderabad thrashed the bowlers of Rajasthan Royals and made a huge score of 201 runs in front of Rajasthan Royals and this match was played at Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium in Hyderabad. Hyderabad team won the toss and decided to bat first while Rajasthan Royals had to bowl.

Innings of 96 runs in 57 balls

In this, a very tough Sunrisers Hyderabad team played a brilliant innings and made a brilliant partnership of 96 runs in just 57 balls against Rajasthan Royals. In which two batsmen together scored 96 runs in just 57 balls. The names Travis Head and Nitish Kumar Reddy together contributed a lot to making this huge score. Both the batsmen batted very brilliantly. Head scored 41 runs in 28 balls and Nitish scored 49 runs in 29 balls.

Brilliant inning of 70 runs in 32 balls

The partnership of the Hyderabad team does not end here after that, we get to see a huge partnership that amounts to 70 runs in 32 balls and this is one of the most brilliant partnerships in Hyderabad. In which Nitish scored 27 runs in just 13 balls and Heinrich Klaasen scored 42 runs in 19 balls. Both the batsmen of Hyderabad batted brilliantly and lethally they hit sixes and fours continuously and created a huge mountain of 201 runs in front of Rajasthan Royals.

Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Rajasthan Royals

Sunrisers Hyderabad batting

In this match, Nitish Kumar Reddy scored 76 runs in 42 balls in which he hit eight sixes and three fours at a strike rate of more than 180. The next batsman who plays the best is Heinrich Klaasen, who also scores 42 runs in 19 balls and hits three sixes and three fours at a strike rate of more than 200. Travis Head has also batted very well but he did not perform that well in the previous match. he definitely scored a half-century of 58 runs in 44 balls.

Rajasthan Royals Bowling

The bowling of Rajasthan Royals was seen to be very weak. The Hyderabad team was performing on this ground. Earlier, Hyderabad had lost badly to RCB there but the bowlers of Rajasthan Royals did not bowl that well. Avesh Khan, a bowler from Rajasthan, takes only two wickets in four overs but gives away 39 runs. Sandeep Sharma also took one wicket in this match. The rest of the ball-arms are not able to perform anything special against the Hyderabad team and everyone says the same to the batsmen. Here the bowling of Rajasthan Royals looked very weak.

Hyderabad does not win

It will be very important for Sunrisers Hyderabad to win this match because before this the Hyderabad team has lost two consecutive matches, one against Chennai Super Kings and before that against RCB. If Sunrisers Hyderabad does not win the match then it could be a big problem for them in qualifying. Because Rajasthan Royals is already sitting at number one in the points table. That is why it is important for Sunrisers Hyderabad to win this match, if they win this match then there is a possibility of coming third or fourth in the points table.

If Rajasthan Royals lose

Even if Rajasthan Royals lose this match, they will not have to suffer much loss. Because Rajasthan Royals has already won the last three to four consecutive matches and if Rajasthan wins this match then it will still remain at number one on the points table. Rajasthan Royals are already at number one in the points table with a brilliant performance in this Tata IPL 2024. Captain Sanju Samson has led his team well from the beginning and has brought it to a good level.

Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Rajasthan Royals

Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium Pitch Report

Hyderabad will have the highest chances of winning in this match because the match is being held on its home ground, so their batsmen and bowlers were already going to get more support and they had good experience in this match, so that is why this match should happen. It is possible that Rajasthan Royals can also go hard. Earlier, although RCB had defeated Sunrisers Hyderabad at home, this match can be something more incredible and exciting. Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium is better for a slow bowling pitch. Here, if the bowlers bowl slowly then they can get more support from the pitch.

highest run score in history

So far 71 matches have been played at the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium, out of which 41 matches have been won by whichever team batted in the second innings. The highest run score in the history of Tata IPL was scored on this ground. The Hyderabad team played a huge total of 277 runs against Mumbai Indians this year and the record for the highest run score is 80 runs for 10 wickets which was played between Delhi and Hyderabad in 2013.

It is possible that Rajasthan Royals can win this match if their batting is good otherwise if they lose then they are not going to suffer much loss but if Hyderabad team loses the match then it can be read as having to suffer a lot of loss.

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