Sanju Samson T20 World Cup 2024: Will Sanju Samson play in the 2024 World Cup?

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The T20 World Cup is very close and the IPL is going on in India and those players will be selected from it. Those who will show the best performance by batting and bowling. In such a situation, the question arises whether Sanju Samson can get a chance in the T20 World Cup 2024 or this time too Sanju Samson will have to wait. These questions are being raised because, for the last several years, Sanju Samson’s fans have been supporting Sanju Samson on social media for the T20 World Cup.

Sanju Samson T20 World Cup 2024

Sanju Sanju Samson made his debut in the Indian cricket team in 2013. But to date, Sanju Samson has not had a chance to play even once in a big tournament like the T20 World Cup and he has always been rejected by the BCCI selectors for some reason or the other. In such a situation, many questions are raised about whether Sanju Samson is giving his best performance in Tata IPL 2024. As a captain for the team as well as a good wicketkeeper and batting type. So can Sanju Samson get a chance in the World Cup?

Sanju Samson has played 161 matches in his entire career so far. He has scored 4273 runs at a high strike rate of 139 and he has also scored three centuries. If we look at the current Tata IPL of 2024, he has scored 385 runs at a strike rate of more than 161. After 2017, Sanju Samson has batted at a strike rate of over 130 in the IPL every year.

BCCI Selectors

But still, the question arises to him that he is not yet fit to play in the World Cup. Sanju Samson’s fans have tried many times on the internet to tell the BCCI selectors that they should be given a chance to play in a big tournament like the World Cup, but whether they get a chance in the 2024 T20 World Cup or not depends on the BCCI selectors.

Sanju Samson is a young captain batsman and a good wicketkeeper for Rajasthan Royals. The World Cup is going to start in the coming few months. There is a possibility of playing in America and West Indies, in such a situation the BCCI selectors will have to make a team of 15 players. Among those who will go to play the T20 World Cup, it is possible that Sanju Samson can become a good choice for their wicketkeeper and a finisher batsman.

There are many other players in Team India who along with batting well are also good wicketkeepers. At present, apart from Sanju Samson, no other player is playing well. So in such a situation, it can be expected that Sanju Samson can be seen playing as a wicketkeeper in this year’s World Cup 2024. All the BCCI selectors are looking for a good wicketkeeper, hence Sanju Samson can become their first choice.

If we look at the statistics of every year, Sanju Samson’s performance in IPL


This data is from the last 5 years in which Sanju has batted in IPL. According to this, we can say that Sanju has the ability to play in the World Cup. He has performed well for Rajasthan Royals in the IPL in the last 5 years and this time his team is at number 1 in the points table. If he gets a chance to play in the 2024 World Cup, he can give a good performance for the team. When captain Rohit Sharma selects the team, Sanju’s name may come.

Sanju Samson is selected for the 2024 World Cup

In the next few days, Team India is going to announce the team for the World Cup 2024 in which all the players will be seen playing. They are performing well continuously, in such a situation, it is possible that we will also get to see the name of Sanju Samson as the wicketkeeper. in the form of. If Sanju Samson is selected for the 2024 World Cup, then he will definitely be seen batting in the World Cup. Because he is a very intelligent and smart batsman, he also has a lot of experience because he has also captained for Rajasthan Royals and has also played a good batsman and is also a wicketkeeper.

Shivam Dubey and Sanju Samson

As soon as Team India announces the players who are going to play in the World Cup, it will probably be difficult to make changes after that, that is why the BCCI selectors are looking at good players and it is possible that Shivam Dubey will also be seen playing this time. Will come in the middle. Because he is batting brilliantly for Chennai Super Kings and is giving consistent performances, then Sanju Samson and Shivam Dubey will be seen playing.

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