Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Kolkata Knight Riders: Kolkata Knight Riders won by one run against RCB

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The match between Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Kolkata Knight Riders took place on 21st April. In this match, excellent batting and bowling were seen from both teams. Both the teams have batted and bowled brilliantly together in this match. In the end, this match goes in favor of Kolkata Knight Riders but RCB batsmen also won this match by batting very well.

Kolkata batted first in the match but the title of winning the toss in this match goes to Royal Challengers Bangalore who won the toss and decided to bowl first. This match takes place at Kolkata Knight Riders’ home ground Hidden Garden at 3:30 pm. Batting first in the match, Kolkata Knight Dress scored 222 runs in 20 overs at the loss of 6 wickets.

Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Kolkata Knight Riders

There were a lot of exciting things to see in the batting of Kolkata Knight Riders. Kolkata batsmen batted very well and gave a good start to the team in the power play. Initially, Phil Salt (wk) is a wicketkeeper of Kolkata Knight Riders. In this game, he batted brilliantly and explosively and scored 48 runs in 14 balls at a strike rate of 342. He continuously hit sixes and fours in which three sixes and seven fours were also hit.

Sunil Narine, who has batted very well in the last few matches, impressed and pleased the team a lot by opening the batting with his brilliant batting. He is unable to survive anywhere in this match and in this match, he is able to score only 10 runs against Royal Challengers Bangalore. Shreyas Iyer (c), who is currently playing as a captain of Kolkata Knight Riders, also scored his half-century in this match in which he hit one-six and seven fours in 36 balls.

batting in power play

Kolkata Knight Riders batted brilliantly in the power play and gave a good start to the team as a result of which the team scored 75 runs in just 6 overs but it also suffered a lot of damage as it lost three wickets. RCB bowlers conceded a lot in the power play but also managed to take three wickets. If we look at RCB’s power play, then RCB also batted very well in its power play and gave a good start to a team like Kolkata Knight Riders. RCB batsmen scored 74 runs in just 6 overs at the loss of two wickets. This contest has been heavily favored by both sides.

Partnership of 56 runs in 26 balls

The two batsmen together played a brilliant partnership in which Phil Salt and Sunil Narine played an important role. Both these batsmen batted brilliantly for Kolkata Knight Riders but what impressed them the most was their bowling. Salt 14 ball batting: He scored 48 runs in just 14 balls. In this match, Sunil scored five runs in just 12 balls. Due to the partnership between these two, KKR kept itself far ahead in this match.

RCB Bowler

For the first time in Tata IPL 2024, the RCB team was seen bowling well for the first time and it seemed that yes RCB is playing to win the match this time. Because RCB batsmen have always scored runs but the bowlers have always shown displeasure. But this time the RCB bowlers bowled a little better, and even though they took a lot of beating they also took good wickets. Coming to the home ground of Kolkata Knight Riders, RCB bowlers defeated the Kolkata batsmen.

RCB Batting

This match is equal between both sides. There have been competitive matches. The batsmen of both teams have been seen batting very explosively and brilliantly in this match. The way Kolkata Knight Riders batsmen batted against RCB, is how RCB also got a great start and batting against Kolkata Knight Riders. In this match, we got to see two half-centuries each from the RCB team, both the batsmen Will Jacks and Rajat Patidar batted brilliantly and also completed their half-centurys. RCB could not win this match but the RCB batsmen did well against the bowling of Kolkata Knight Riders. Rajat Patidar scored 52 runs in just 23 balls in which he hit five consecutive sixes and three fours. Will Jacks scored 55 runs in 32 balls by hitting 5 sixes and four fours.

Dinesh Karthik, the most dangerous finisher of RCB, was coming in with excellent explosive batting in the last few matches. He was a flop in this match. In a way, Dinesh Karthik scored 25 runs in just 18 balls in which he hit one six and three fours. RCB fans had a lot of expectations. Dinesh Karthik that he will be able to win this match for RCB but here Dinesh Karthik is completely successful and gets out due to which RCB’s hopes are also shattered.

Partnership of 102 runs in 48 balls

The two batsmen together made a brilliant partnership of 102 runs in 48 balls and brought the team to a good position but still, the team could not achieve the level of victory that RCB actually reserved. Will Jacks and Rajat Patidar together played a brilliant partnership of 102 runs but even with the partnership of these two, RCB is not able to win the match. Both the batsmen maintain a partnership with a strike rate of around 200.

Kolkata Knight Riders Bowling

Kolkata’s bowling should also be praised a lot in this match because Kolkata’s bowlers have bowled many times better than RCB’s bowling and they have converted their lost match into victory against RCB. All credit goes to Andre Russell. In terms of bowling, because of him, Kolkata brought themselves back into the match against RCB but the way the RCB batsmen were batting. None of the Kolkata bowlers were able to do well in front of him. Whoever came was beaten by the RCB batsmen but Russell took the two biggest wickets in this match due to which this team was once again successful in winning the match. is against RCB.

Kolkata Knight Riders won

Kolkata Knight Riders won only one match against RCB but it is very difficult for them because RCB fought till the end with the bowlers of Kolkata to win this match but they managed to win only one match by 121 runs. But they get stuck till the last ball. RCB, which has won every match, once again loses this match against Kolkata Knight Riders. Since the beginning of RCB, he has won only one match and he has been winning all the other matches this was his second match to come close to winning but he is successful in this too.

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